Staff Testimonial

Working for Ventura has been a great ride for Rail / TIMS Specialist, Jakob Pavlovic.

“I have been employed with Ventura since 2011.  In my time, I have performed a number of roles including Bus Driver, Operations Supervisor and Senior Supervisor. My current role is Rail / TIMS Specialist and involves supporting the people and systems used by the company to perform our service requirements as well as organising Rail Replacment for train and tram service disruptions.
I work in some challenging yet rewarding roles with Ventura. The key attributes of my career development and evolution include the ability to provide solutions and exceed expectations through teamwork, a high work ethic and dedication.
There are some exciting developments occurring in the public transport industry in Victoria, primarily due to the introduction of new technologies which will assist in a higher level of service quality and reliability that will become the industry benchmark.”