Company Background

Eastcoast Logo with Phone

Eastcoast Truck and Bus Service Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ventura Bus Lines, a major Victorian owned bus operator that has been in business since 1924.

Eastcoast originally formed as Eastside Truck and Bus Service centre began with Ventura’s need to reliably maintain a large fleet of high maintenance vehicles. Ventura’s reputation for quality equipment and reliability was such that a number of external bus and truck companies approached Ventura to take on external work.


In 1996 Eastside Truck and Bus Service Centre was launched by Ventura Bus Lines putting in place a separate management structure to run a retail operation based on their existing workshops. In 1999 as a result on increased growth and success of the business, Eastside was incorporated as a separate company, and all of Ventura’s workshop assets and staff were transferred to Eastside. Eastside now have the contract to service and repair Ventura’s large fleet of over 200 buses.

In June 2003 the company name was changed to Eastcoast Truck and Bus Service Centres with a new striking logo design and aggressive growth strategy. The decision to launch this new image came at the completion of a business plan that confirmed the potential of the company to grow and expand well beyond its current size.


The name Eastcoast was chosen to reflect a broader based company with the ability to grow into other geographic areas of the truck and bus service industry.