• Why was the bus late?

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by a late running service, generally our services are very reliable with 99.9% of scheduled services being delivered and 88% of buses running on time.

    There are unfortunately times when our buses get caught up in traffic congestion and trips can run late. To see live locations of all buses on your route please download the “Ventura Tracker App” available on google play and the app store.

  • Why did the Bus leave early?

    Please note that times displayed on most bus stops are estimates only. There are exceptions to this rule known as timing points, these are key bus stops that ensure your service runs on time. Less than 1% of all Ventura services run early.

    To avoid missing the bus we recommend you arrive at your stop 5 minutes earlier than the specified time, or download the “Ventura Tracker App” to view live locations of all Ventura services.

  • Why didn’t the bus show up?

    Ventura services are very reliable with 99.9% of services being delivered and 88% of buses running on time. If the bus hasn’t shown up it may be that our service has been significantly delayed in traffic or that you arrived at the stop later than required.

  • Why did the bus drive past me?

    To avoid misunderstanding and potentially being left behind we ask that all customers ensure they are clearly visible while waiting at bus stops.

    Some buses that pass may not be picking up customers. We frequently run dedicated “school only” buses and empty buses as they relocate to another route.

    If you’re unsure you can download the “Ventura Tracker App” to view live locations of all of our services, that way you can know in advance which bus is yours and can be ready for it.

    Please Note:
    Our buses have legal carrying capacity limits and there are times our drivers are not permitted to pick up extra customers.

  • I left something on one of your buses, who can I contact?

    The “Ventura Tracker App” allows users to report lost property, otherwise please call 1300 Ventura with a detailed description of the item including any recognisable features and what time/service you were on when you lost the item in question.

  • Why did the bus pull out into traffic, is it allowed to do that?

    By law our Drivers are permitted to exit a bus stop and enter a roadway, when it is safe to do so. Our Drivers operate on tight schedules in order to get customers to their train or to school on time and may interrupt traffic at times.

    There are also times when our drivers have to get from a bus stop across several lanes in a short distance in order to turn at traffic lights. Unfortunately, this can interrupt traffic flows and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • How do I submit a compliment, feedback or complaint about my service?

    You can submit a compliment, feedback or complaint, via the Ventura tracker app, by emailing enquiries@venturabus.com.au or by calling 1300 Ventura.

  • I have been in an accident involving a Ventura bus, who can I contact?

    Call 1300 Ventura for all accidents and incidents and our dedicated customer service team will connect you with the appropriate department.

  • Can I hire a bus for my school/event?

    Ventura offers a range of charter service to suit your needs. To request a free quote click here and fill out the form.

  • Does Ventura hire new drivers/mechanics?

    We are always on the lookout for people to join the Ventura team and are willing to offer any necessary training for the right candidate. If you think you have what it takes head over to www.venturabus.com.au/careers and have a look at the exciting opportunities we have available.

  • Why isn’t my bus route on the Ventura Tracker app?

    Ventura is one of many different bus providers and the Ventura Tracker app is only able to display locations of our vehicles. If your route is not on the app the service contract is held by another bus company.

If the information above has not addressed your concern, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 VENTURA.


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