Driving Your Future

At Ventura we believe in providing the best possible service for our customers and a diverse and productive work environment for our employees.

Driving Your Future

At Ventura we believe in providing the best possible service for our customers and a diverse and productive work environment for our employees.

Empowered Customers

In addition to being proud of our service reliability and punctuality performance, Ventura have introduced live tracking of all our services, so our customers know exactly where their bus is and can ride our services with con dence. This minimises waiting time at bus stops and alleviates the fear of missing the bus. Get onboard now and download “Ventura Tracker” today.

Ventura also operates Demand Responsive services (FlexiRide) in three regions of Melbourne and plan this form of Mobility as a Service to expand to reduce congestion around train stations, as our last mile solution.

Sustainable Fleet

At Ventura we care about Victorians and the environment we live and work in. We have been leaders in the use of environmentally friendly fuels for decades, with our fleet of 100% renewable ethanol powered buses having been on the road for over 20 years.

Working in partnership with the Victorian Department of Transport,  we will soon be introducing the latest Euro 6-compliant bio-diesel compatible diesel engines (from Scania), that are some of the cleanest engines of this type available anywhere in the world. We will be retiring some of our older vehicles from the fleet, actively improving air quality in urban and suburban locations.

But we’re not stopping there. We are also introducing advanced diesel-electric hybrid buses from Scania and fully electric buses into our fleet. These can run short distances on battery power alone, allowing the bus to arrive at and depart from stops silently, with ZERO tailpipe emissions.

We’re proud to be working with the state government to lead the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable bus system in Victoria. By working together, we can make a real difference in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions for a sustainable future for all Victorians”.

Youth, Diversity and Community

As a fourth generation Australian Family company we hold our family values very strongly. Our investment in recruiting apprentice mechanics and young trainees is significant. We recognise the value in being a diverse workforce.

We have a commitment to improve our gender in balance by increasing our female driver workforce from 10% to 25% before our Centenary. Our Women at the Wheel open day programs give our female applicants a chance to chat to other established female drivers and hear about the great careers we offer.

Ventura have given clients with different abilities, from Wallara the opportunity to join the workforce and work on the cleaning of buses. We have also donated 4 buses and trained female drivers to go Port Moresby for the UN Women’s safe city program, so female residents can travel on female only buses without the fear of violence. We have sent a bus to Pacific Island Kiribati to transport students with different abilities to school.

Ventura has developed an Accessibility Action Plan as an important step to embed our commitment to provide inclusive, fair and safe workplaces, and travel for those with a disability or individual accessibility needs. View our Accessibility Action Plan here.

Our Liveable City

The Ventura planning team are very innovative in designing routes to minimise traffic congestion and ensure buses are productive when they leave the depot gates. We redesigned Melbourne CBD routes to U-turn on Lonsdale and Exhibition Streets, rather than clog city streets not in service to reposition.

Our Planning team are active in designing train and tram replacement services whilst our city grows the Metro Tunnel, train station rebuilds and level crossing removals.

We have at times an extra 350 buses in service to keep Melbourne moving. Our current projects include redesigning bus routes to service the future Suburban Rail Loop to keep our city growing and designing work patterns to provide greater work life balance for our Ventura Drivers.


The demand responsive bus service "FlexiRide" is now available in three locations across Melbourne! Book via the Flexiride app and catch the bus from your closest virtual stop to/from major hubs within your zone.

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